Cheap contents insurance Wellington

Contents Insurance

The point of contents insurance is to provide you with clarity and confidence, so if anything goes wrong (from losing your phone to recovering from a break-in) you know you’re going to have everything you need.


But so often, making a claim is a stressful, long-winded, and disappointing process, because claimants have assumed that they’ve been paying for comprehensive protection. For example, it’s easy to forget to update your policy with all of your individual items that are worth over $1,500. New jewellery, artwork, or electronic devices must be reported before it’s too late. Otherwise your insurance company may refuse to replace it if it’s lost, stolen or damaged. Not only that, insurance conditions and clauses are notoriously tricky to decipher, so it’s vital that you have complete clarity around what you’re covered for and the excess costs.


Kauri can help you make sure that the value of your possessions is accurately represented, and you have certainty that when it comes time to claim, it will be stress-free and successful.


  • Is the sum amount of your contents accurately covered?

  • Are your most valuable possessions itemised and covered by your plan?

  • Would paying to replace your assets affect your financial goals?