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Landlord Insurance

Kiwis love the idea of generating a passive income through investment in rental property - particularly in retirement. So, it’s crucial for your long-term plan that you are protected. But landlord insurance is multifaceted, and requires experience to navigate policies with clarity.

Without comprehensive cover, you’re leaving your livelihood in your tenants’ hands - hoping for no damage to your house or furnishings. Not only that, but as a landlord, you are responsible for providing a home for your tenants, and if it is unliveable for whatever reason (such as a burst pipe), you may be liable for their accommodation costs. Some insurance providers are better than others when it comes to landlord extension cover. Far too often, we see landlords who are locked into terrible insurance agreements, because they lived in their home before renting it out, and not updated their policy


Don’t risk paying for someone else’s mistake, Kauri can help you avoid all the traps. We know what you need to be covered for, and what your financial goals are, so you can feel certain that your assets are safe.


  • Are you sure you’re adequately covered for all types of damage?

  • Have you been meeting your property management requirements (such as tenant vetting and regular inspections) to ensure hassle-free claim settlement?

  • Is your current insurance policy right for your medium and long-term plans?

Landord insurance Wellington
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