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Renters Insurance

It’s an unavoidable reality that tenants cause damage to their rental properties. That can range from acceptable levels of wear and tear, right through to an unthinkable catastrophe that destroys the house. As a tenant, it’s one thing to lose your bond, but unfortunately you may be liable for major damage, and the excess can be unbelievably expensive.


For example, if you leave the iron on causing a fire, the responsibility to repair all the damage may fall entirely on you. Do you want to be legally obliged to pay for fixing someone else’s assets? It’s a real shame to see renters find themselves completely stuck in situations that change the whole trajectory of their lives, when it can be so easily avoided with renters insurance.


By coming to Kauri before an accident, we can get you sorted, and even find out how you can tack renters insurance onto any other cover, such as contents insurance. Either way, you can end up with affordable and stress-saving liability protection.


  • Can you pay for structural damage, furnishing replacement, and legal fees?

  • Will you be able to cover the lost rent for the landlord, and pay for a new place to live?

  • Would a setback like that affect your day-to-day life?

Renters insurance Wellington
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