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Hi. I’m Darren.

I started this business, Kauri Financial Planning, because I want to work with people who are building their lives around what matters to them. I want to help you make the right financial choices to live your life and make memories meaningful to you.

How I work.
You may have put off finding out how to make money work best for you. In the past, understanding your financial options might have been focused on abstract, boring things. My financial advice is different. It starts and ends with you: your situation today, your goals and your dreams. I want to help you plan for your future security and your future fun. I’ll give you clear paths to get there fastest, in language you’ll understand. Our advice is reliable, above-board and based on what you say you want. As a Financial Adviser, I make sure I’m always learning about the latest products and opportunities, so I can show you the best possible way toward your goals.

Getting started
If you’re not sure what you need, let’s have a chat to help get things rolling - my details are below.

If you’re ready, go ahead and request a consultation.

About Kauri

Thanks for your inquiry!

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