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Cheap health insurance Wellington

Health Insurance

Being healthy is prudent to your lifestyle and your ability to earn an income, without which, the impacts can be severe. Protecting your health not only ensures prompt medical treatment, but can also limit the emotional and financial burden placed on you during this time.


Health Insurance provides the insured with options relating to Health Care, from the choice of hospital and treatment facility to the choice of specialist. We have a number of providers available and will find the best one for your needs.


Health insurance begins with hospital and surgical plans as the base and can be built on from there to suit your requirements.  The hospital and surgical plans provide you with cover for the larger expenses that may be incurred including surgery and private hospital admission.


Level of Excess 

Health insurance offers you an excess option of $0-$4,000.  Having an increased excess will lower the cost of the premium. The excess is the amount that you pay toward your treatment when making a claim. For more detailed information regarding levels of excess, please discuss with your Adviser.

Key Benefits of Hospital & Surgical plans

  • General Surgery

  • Non-surgical cancer treatment

  • Parental support

  • Major diagnostics

  • Treatment outside of NZ

  • Ability to add children, parents & spouse to the policy

Additional Benefits that may be added to your Hospital & Surgical plan

  • Specialists

  • GP

  • Natural Health

  • Dental & Optical

  • All the additional benefits require payment of additional premium

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