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Personal Planning with a Difference


Kauri Financial Planning works on a subscription based model for long-term personal planning. For $20+gst a fortnight you will receive a personalised, collaborative, experience that aims to work towards your financial life goals.

Our philosophy is that planning is broken down into three key areas:

Plant: It is hard to move forward and grow without knowing where you are at this moment. We work with you to get a clear understanding of your lifestyle and how you are earning and spending your money, so that you can have confidence that any future financial planning is built with a solid foundation.

Grow: Creating wealth in the four main areas of Investment: Managed Funds, Property, Business, and Speculative Investments. 

Protect: A Financial Plan in the beginning requires protection, we work with you to insure what is important to you and review when required to make sure any protection plans are still relevant to your Financial Plan.

We believe a subscription model will provide long-term clarity to you as you work through each area of the Planning experience. Advice should never be a one-off transaction. A subscription allows you to be safe in the knowledge there is always an adviser available to you who knows your Financial Plan personally and has a vested interest in your financial prosperity.

If you would like to find out more please contact the team at Kauri Financial Planning and Darren will be in touch. - contact details below.

Plant your financial investment goals with Kauri Financial Planning
Protect your investments and most important assets with Kauri Financial Planning
Grow your financial investments with Kauri Financial Planning
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