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Life Insurance

Cheap life insurance Wellington

Life Insurance

Life Insurance  provides financial protection for those who depend on you. It pays a one-off cash payment if you die. The amount of cover needed is tailored to suit your individual needs.

Life Insurance pays a lump sum in the event of death or a terminal illness


Life insurance is designed to provide financial security for an unlimited range of financial commitments by paying a lump sum in the event of death.  Some examples of what life insurance may cover, but not limited too; mortgage repayments, credit card and personal loan repayments, providing funds to your spouse, future education costs for your children and funeral expenses.  

If you would like funds available to your family members to draw from to repay your debt in the event of your death, then life insurance should most definitely be considered as part of your financial plan.


Entry age for those who can apply for life insurance is 16 to 75. There is no maximum level of cover, however - the cover is subject to financial & medical assessment.

For more information on your options for Life Insurance or the monthly benefit for life insurance, contact us below.

Standard features of Life Insurance

  • Life insurance expires at age 100, unless specified otherwise.

  • New policies incur a mandatory 13 month suicide clause.

  • Terminal illness benefit - if diagnosed terminally ill, you may apply for an early payment of the life insurance.

  • Future insurability - certain life events may allow you to increase your level of life insurance without the need for further medical evidence - such as, but not limited to; getting married, having children, taking out a mortgage, death of a spouse or child.

  • CPI Option - consumer price index means you "inflation proof" your policy, increasing it each year in line with inflation.  You may choose to accept this option at inception, or decline.  If accepted, you may decline the inflation every year.

  • Financial Planning Benefit - if your life insurance benefit is more than $100,000, a further benefit of up to $2,500 may be re-imbursed to you for a fully documented financial plan prepared by a qualified financial planner - this must be approved by your insurer.

  • Premium Holiday - certain times in life may require you to suspend your premium payments for up to 1 year eg; redundancy, bankruptcy, tertiary studies or travel overseas - the suspension period is for 1 year only and may only be used once for the term of the policy.  Conditions apply.

Optional Benefits

  • Additional future insurability - this allows you to increase the level of life insurance each year without requiring further medical assessment - conditions & extra charges apply.

  • Children's Life insurance - provided your policy has one adult on it, you may cover your children for life insurance when aged between 10 & 15 - conditions & extra charges apply.

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